Whiston Festival OF Brass
Whiston Festival of Brass
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Saturday 2nd
July 2016
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Whiston Parish Council

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Contest Controller
Robert E. Brown

Tel Home: 01709 739228
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8 Oak Grove,
South Yorkshire
S66 9EZ

Contest Requirements & Code of Conduct

Please Note: There will be designated parking for bands located at Newman School (East Bawtry Road, S603LX), and designated drop off slots for band members in the village. Access to Whiston village centre will be limited due to road closures on Saturday between 08:00 and 22:30 to residents only for the safety of the band procession. The will also be a designated indoor safe storage and organisation area for all participating bands.

Band requirements

• Bands will be expected to comprise of a reasonable number of brass and percussion players which collectively will constitute the format of a standard brass band.
• There are no registration requirements of players within a band.
• A band can borrow players from any other brass band, however it is expected that a band uphold the spirit of ‘friendly banding’ and not overly laden their band with experienced higher class players from other bands. This activity will be frowned upon and be taken into account within the adjudication of the contest.
• A band will compete under its current National Brass Band grading status.

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Bands will be expected to
• Form up at an allotted time, in location in the viilage to be advised.
• March from start point playing any suitable 'March Piece', through the village to the stage.
This is a short march of approximately 500 yards. Itis a requirement that when the band enters the stage area the band should be playing a march and then cease playing the march in front of the contest stage where it will then 'dismiss' and reform on the stage to continue with their performance.

Click HERE for march route & stage layout example

• On the contest stage, play a suitable contest standard, ‘March Piece’, and any ‘Novelty/Entertainment’ style piece of which they will both be adjudicated. Additionally, a further 1/2/3 other pieces which will not be adjudicated, will be played to ‘make-up’ a short entertaining program of length 15-20 minutes. The program will not be formally timed.


£350 - Championship and First Section
£350 - Second Section
£350 - Third Section
£350 - Fourth and unregistered bands
£300 - Most entertaining performance
£50 - Best instrumentalist

The ‘Michael Clark Memorial Trophy’ and a cheque for £300, will be presented to the band who in the thoughts of the adjudicator presented the most overall entertaining program.

The ‘Sitwell Arms Trophy’ and a cheque for £50, will be presented to the player who in the thoughts of the adjudicator is worthy of the title ‘Best Instrumentalist’. This does not necessarily imply the ‘best soloist’, for example one band’s lone BBb bass player won the award in 2012.

The 'George Skinner Trophy' and a cheque for £100, will be presented to the winning band in the Training and Junior Section.

Draw/Order of Play

A draw for the order of play will be made in Whiston 3 weeks prior to the event. Consequently, bands will then be informed of a specific time to ‘form up’ outside the Golden Ball public house in Whiston to ‘March Off’ on the day of the contest, 5th July 2014.

Further notes about the event are...
The marching part of the event does not constitute any part of the contest but is simply to add effect and create an atmosphere/ambience to the proceedings.

• We do not expect older band members to march.
• We would like bands to parade in their normal concert/contest uniforms.
• Seating will be provided on stage as well as music stands
• A standard ‘drum kit’ will be provided on stage. However, if a band requires any further percussion items please contact the contest controller, Robert Brown (see contact details below).
• As seating plan/layout for a band should be submitted to the contest controller prior to the contest so that seating can be arranged by stewards before a band performs. (See later example).
• Copies of the pieces of music to be judged i.e. a contest march and a novelty/entertainment piece, should be submitted to the contest controller prior to the band performance.
• Disabled person provisions will be catered for both on the stage and in the surrounding environment.
• At the end of the contest, two ‘prior the event’ notified bands will come together to present a last night of the proms finale. We would also like to invite any bandspersons to take part in the finale so this becomes a ‘Mega’ massed band.
• At the culmination of the event, trophies and prize monies will be presented hopefully by the Mayor of Rotherham, or some other suitably known celebrity to the winning band in each section and also to the most entertaining band and best instrumentalist.
For details call 07976250624 or email robert.brown@senssystems.com
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